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 Get the "Almost" Perfect Fit with CAIRS Shoes! 

At CAIRS, we believe that every step should be as comfortable as it is stylish. Our unique shoes are designed with a special touch – they run tru-size, meaning they are a bit roomier and more comfortable than standard sizes. To ensure your feet find their perfect match, we recommend measuring them accurately.

Why Measure Your Feet with CAIRS?

  1. Tru-Size Comfort: Our shoes run bigger for a more relaxed fit.

  2. Wide Soles: Enjoy spaciousness with our accommodating outsoles.

  3. Expandable Upper: The stretchy material adapts to your foot's unique shape.

Measuring Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps:

watch video

Watch Video

get Paper & pen

 Have your tools ready for accurate measurements.


Measure the length and width of your foot in inches.

Find your size

Discover your ideal CAIRS size and step into comfort.

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