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 Giving Back




Our Commitment to Giving Back

CAIRS is a member of Pledge 1%, a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. CAIRS is excited to join Pledge 1%’s network of founders, entrepreneurs, and companies around the globe who have committed to giving back.


At CAIRS Shoes, we believe in stepping up to make a difference. We're proud to support several non-profit organizations that are close to our heart and aligned with our mission to bring comfort and support to those in need.

We encourage our community to join us in supporting these impactful organizations. By spreading the word and contributing financially, we can help amplify their efforts and make a meaningful difference in the lives of many. Learn more about our advocacy work and how you can get involved on our website

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Footprints in Africa

We help provide shoes to underserved villages across Africa, ensuring that footwear goes to those who need it most for protection and to support daily activities.

Click the link to learn more.


Lymphedema Treatment Act

We advocate for legislative changes that help lymphedema patients receive the medical supplies they need. By supporting this cause, we aim to improve quality of life for patients and ensure they have access to essential healthcare.

Click the link to learn more.


Lymphedema Education and Research Network (LE&RN)

We collaborate with healthcare professionals dedicated to finding a cure for lymphedema. Through financial support and raising awareness, we contribute to critical research and education efforts.

Click the link to learn more.

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share your cairs

At CAIRS Shoes, we're committed to making a difference—one step at a time. Our "Share Your CAIRS" initiative encompasses two powerful campaigns designed to extend the reach of comfort and style to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Need a Pair

We believe everyone deserves the comfort and confidence that come with a great pair of shoes.

If you need assitance complete the "Get Info Form" so that we may contact you to discuss the details.


Spare a Pair

Your Donations Bring Comfort and Joy

Join our "Spare a Pair" initiative by donating to help someone in need of quality footwear. Your generosity can transform a life, offering not just comfort, but a renewed sense of dignity and opportunity.

If you would like to donate complete the "Get Info Form" so that we may contact you to discuss the details.

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